RB Deck shipping plate

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Rb deck shipping plates can be bolted onto a new block after the bottom end is assembled, or for shipping. 
Made from stainless steel, its easy to clean and will not rust.
The plate features 13mm holes, which will fit all bolts from the M11 bolts for RB25/30, M12 bolts for RB26 and 1/2 for the pro-engine guys.
The plate can be used with a head gasket. 
M11 bolts are quite hard to find, I used LS1 flywheel bolts (as shown in pic, purchased as a pack of 6)
For M12 and 1/2" threaded blocks, simply visit your bolt shop, as this is a very common thread.

To mount the plate, rotate the crank around 25~30 degrees so no pistons are protruding above the deck surface, clean both the deck of the engine and the shipping plate, and gently bolt the plate on.
Owners could purchase a cheap throw away gasket from an auto shop if they are concerned with the deck surface.