RB30 Timing Cover Extensions

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Select either the extension on it own or the full complete kit.

RB30 Twin cam timing cover extension

Due to the added deck height of the mighty RB30 block, the timing covers are left with a gap in the middle when a twin cam head is fitted (RB25, Neo or RB26)
This extension plate fills that gap between the 2 covers.
You will require the stock twin cam lower timing cover from an RB25/neo/26 and the extension can be spot welded or pop riveted onto the lower nissan timing cover. 
Note, if using rivets, take notice of the depth of the rivet as long rivets may interfere with the timing belt causing belt failure. 
The extension made from stainless steel, and is supplied pre-folded as pictured.

*some lower covers may require light manipulation of the joining lip to get a very snug fitment.

Complete Kit

When fitting a twin cam head to an RB30 block to make an RB30det, the RB30 has a taller deck height, meaning that the timing covers no longer match up in the middle, this kit fixes that issue.
The kit is made up of a new Nissan lower timing cover and has had the Boost Doc timing extension welded on, and its all finished with a fresh coat of black paint.