RB20 RB25 & Neo Rocker Cover Baffle kit

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RB20 RB25 & Neo Rocker Cover Baffle kit. Fits twin cam engines.
This kit replaces the stock rocker cover baffle kit, and upgrades it!
The kit includes a pair new baffle plates, a pair of long splash plates, screws, drill bit, thread tap and baffle media. Fitment for long splash plates requires a cam stud kit. 

This kit is designed to reduce oil vapors leaving the rocker covers. Perfect upgrade to reduce oil in the catch can, perfect for high boost applications for track and drift cars.

Drill out the stock rivet style retainers on the stock baffle plate so the plate can be discarded. With the supplied drill bit, drill and then tap the appropriate holes.
Clean and refit the stock mesh filter, add the supplied media, glue the new plate into place with engine sealant, use thread lock on the screws and screw it home.

The long plates require more cam cap studs for fitment. Remove 1 bolt from a cam cap at a time and replace with stud. torque to spec.
Add the long plates, and bolt them down with nylock nuts.
Refit the covers, and enjoy.

Cam cap studs are NOT included.
Nissan # 13058-5L700
Tomei # 193016

☆ 1/2 moon in rear of plate is an index marker which goes to the back of the head.
* It is the responsibility of the fitter to clean and check all parts before fitting.