DBW Throttle/Manifold Adapters for Bosch Electronic Throttle Bodies

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CNC billet aluminum adapters made for popular Nissan RB and Toyota JZ manifolds to allow the use of Bosch DBW (Drive-By-Wire) electronic throttle bodies. Some of our adapters will also fit other makes/models of the same manifold.

Adapt a Bosch 82MM DBW throttle body to the following:

  • ISR/Otaku/Zerofab Sheet metal manifolds with 90mm throttle body flange
  • Greddy/Freddy manifolds with Q45 Throttle Body flange (Fits RB and JZ manifolds)
  • Plazmaman (RB manifolds with 78mm square bolt pattern)
  • Hypertune (2JZ manifold with 77mm square bolt pattern)

Adapt a Bosch 74MM DBW throttle body to the following:

  • Plazmaman (RB manifolds with 73mm square bolt pattern)

Adapters include the following:

  • Billet aluminum adapter
  • High quality M8/M6 stainless steel hardware
  • OEM Bosch 82MM Metal gasket (bolt holes enlarged)
  • High quality o-ring seal for manifold side (where applicable)

More options coming soon as well as some OEM options.

NOTE: Bosch 82MM DBW throttle body part # (0 280 750 473). Slight enlargement of the throttle body bolt holes are required to fit the M8 hardware provided.