Engine oil prime kit

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This is designed for new/freshly built and rebuilt engines, and for engines that have been sitting for a period of time.

  • No auxiliary holes in the engine are required
  • The kit pumps 4L/min @50psi oil pressure in a recirculating system
  • Great for new hydraulic lifters, flushing oil through an engine and even sucking oil out of an engine (ski boat)
  • The kit comes complete with 12v pump, filter, fittings, hose & clamps.

    Simply connect the black fitting into the sump plug hole, screw the metal adapter into the oil pressure switch port. Add the oil filter between the 12v pump and the engine on the oil pressure side of the system.
    If you wish to view the oil pressure in action, you can buy and fit a 1/8 pressure guage (like a turbosmart fuel pressure guage).
    Trim the hose to length, add the brass fittings and your set to prime your engine.

    Note: The pump is only air cooled, do not run it longer than 10~12min at a time.
    * It is the responsibility of the fitter/user to clean and check all parts before each and every fitting to prevent possible engine damage.