LS1 Alternator Converison Kit for Nissan RB20/25/26/30

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More horsepower or more battery power? Why not both?
This kit allows you to bolt an LS1 alternator directly on to any RB. The LS1 unit is a serious upgrade from the RB alternator.
RB alternators produce between 70-80amps. The LS1 alternator produces 140amps.

This kit unlocks limitless room for energy-sucking modifications without concern of damaging them. Sound system, big injectors, multiple fuel pumps, air-con, thermo-fans, upgraded coils – the list goes on and the LS1 alternator will handle it with ease.

If you’re not amped up already – the pulley supplied with the kit is machined from billet for that special sassy look!
This means more power and more revs. The LS1 alternator with the provided kit can handle 11,000rpm. More mods, more horsepower, more battery power, more revs – what else do you want?

Sick of being left stranded with a dead battery? It’s time for an alternative alternator…
Kits are plug and play for RB20/25/26 and will not require swapping electrical connectors.
Some RB30’s will require a different electrical plug depending model/year.