RB25 S1, S2 & NEO - Adjustable VCT Intake Cam Gear Kit

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Need to adjust cam timing on an rb25? Don’t throw away power & torque by deleting VCT – Grab one of these do-it-yourself kits and have the best of both worlds!

What does it do?
This gear-set allows for easy adjustment of the intake camshafts timing while still retaining the standard Variable Cam Timing technology. The kit allows for a total of 15° of timing variation.

It can be quickly adjusted while on the dyno, helping tuners achieve the power curve you are after.

Cam gear can be dialed to promote torque, or adjusted to chase HP and revs.

What’s in the kit?
Kit includes custom fabricated parts, drill bit, titanium bolts & detailed assembly instructions.
Everything you need.

Included in the Kit:
Adj VCT adpater ring
4 bolts
Drill bit